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“Customer relations at the heart of real estate, at the heart of your city,

because a satisfied customer brings you new ones ! »

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Register your clients at your concierge at 0 222 442 442

You can now register your clients for your moving concierge service by phone

Your customers will benefit from free support in their procedures related to their facilities thanks to a concierge in your name and you will receive € 30 for each user. Simple and effective as a phone call!


Our shared objective

Our ambition is to revolutionize the image of real estate professionals by creating, with your brand name, unique and unforgettable customer experiences for each and every one of your clients in order to build their loyalty and turn them into ambassadors for your brand.

Our promise

We create transactions with your customers on your behalf through useful and relevant services according to a tailor-made customer journey to generate maximum customer satisfaction.

Because a satisfied customer brings new ones.

Your benefits

Our promise is simple and effective :

  • Reduce your acquisition and advertising costs
  • Slow down the decline of your customer portfolio
  • Attract new customers without having to “chase them”
  • Create a relationship with your customers
  • Bring price negotiations to a successful conclusion
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Create a network of ambassadors

A customer experience, what does that mean?

A customer experience refers to the set of emotions and feelings experienced by a customer before, during and after the purchase of a product or service.

All interactions that a customer may have with your brand are crucial. The customer must be at the heart of your concerns because every detail counts.

Offer your customers a unique experience which on its own can make the difference and make your customers your best ambassadors.

Our customer feedback

The white label solution allows us to claim it as if we had created it ourselves. We bring additional services to our clients, which allows us to have a more regular relationship with our customers by anticipating on the experiences in their life.

Florent PARENT


Our clients have been assisted by services that we did not provide, and which are truly complementary to our business.

And it is very innovative !



Branch manager, THE ADDRESS

The customer’s life and journey will continue after the signature of the agreement. Our customers need to be accompanied. I will finally have the opportunity to continue to maintain a relationship with my clients and try to capture any changes in real estate projects.

Gregory ROUX

Branch manager, ORPI

Customer references

And more than 5,500 branches throughout France.

Networks, freelancers, agents, … they have adopted Simply Move solutions.

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