Simply Move offers to maintain a permanent and regular contact with your former customers as part of a new concierge solution for life. Both digitally and by telephone, your customers have unlimited free access to a multitude of services. In addition, each year, a concierge calls the client using your brand name to help them optimise their home expenses and investments. The latter will take advantage of this to spot any new projects or future property needs in advance.

Complimentary home concierge service

A concierge will contact your clients using your brand name to optimise their home’s expenses free of charge, equip their home and manage their household services! The concierge compares different suppliers, hand-picked, and informs the clients regularly of new developments. Your concierge takes care of everything free of charge so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Spotting real estate projects

By maintaining a permanent and regular contact with your customers, you will be present in case of real estate needs for them or their entourage. We find new mandates by contacting your real estate agencies’ former clients. This solution allows for short-term profitability!

Lifetime customer loyalty

You stay in permanent contact with your former customers to respond to their needs and spot the right moment to contact them again. Simply Move contacts former customers to offer them a free “home concierge” service. They will be able to optimise their home’s budget thanks to preferential offers on a wide range of services: insurance, energy, Internet, construction works, etc.

Permanent customer contact

You need to call back your former clients to discuss their latest life experiences, their new projects, their new desires, to be recommended to their friends and to remain their clients for life! By maintaining a permanent and regular contact with your clients, you will be present in case of real estate needs for them or their entourage.



Objective 0 prospecting

Building loyalty with your old customers, you no longer need to prospect to find new customers. While spotting new mandates, you will reduce your advertising budget without spending extra time on it. This activity generates commissions and the investment is quickly self-financing.

Return on investment

Attracting new customers is expensive! I capitalise on the satisfaction of my former customers to generate tomorrow’s business and I save on my advertising expenses. This solution is very targeted and brings you new qualified mandates.

Retroactive on your former customers

We will go back to your previous choices to offer this service free of charge to your former customers. The concierge proposes to optimize home related expenses, household equipment and the services necessary for his home. He takes advantage of this moment to spot new mandates among his relatives.


The actions
and implementation

  • We reactivate your former customer database, based on your previous choices, by offering them your concierge service.
  • Your existing customers can use your concierge service for life.
  • We can send a personalised concierge card having the colours of your agency, by post, to all your clients (current and former).
  • We will spot qualified leads from your customer base.

The services offered
to your customers

  • An update on the best offers on the market in terms of energy, insurance, Internet, …
  • Sharing pre-negotiated pricing opportunities with our suppliers.
  • Putting you in touch with quality suppliers for your household equipment (remote surveillance, swimming pool, kitchen, solar panels, etc.).
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