Our Concierge Relocation solution for your Brand

Simply Move offers real estate professional’s solutions for their brands to create unique customer experiences and generate recommendations.

Creating unique customer experiences

Our ambition is to change the image of real estate professionals by transforming your interactions with your customers into a unique customer experience.

Our solutions provide your customers with a useful and relevant service, at the right time, to generate valuable customer satisfaction.

These services provided to your brand change your brand’s image in the eyes of your customers. By going beyond your customers’ expectations, you build their loyalty and encourage them to recommend you to their friends and family.

Why offer a concierge service to your customers ?

Simply Move provides all its solutions under a white label to ensure that all the benefits of the services provided are passed on to you and your brand. Relocation is the 3rd source of stress for French people. This mobility often driven by circumstances in life, whether happy or sad, wished or endured, professional or personal, is a special period to manage, and help from experts is always welcome. Because availability, listening and responsiveness are part of your customers’ expectations, because your customers are influential in their “communities” (or “social networks”), they are your best ambassadors already.

Our promise

We create transactions with your customers on your behalf through useful and relevant services according to a tailor-made customer journey to generate maximum customer satisfaction.

Because a satisfied customer brings new ones.

Your benefits

Our promise is simple and effective :

  • Reduce your acquisition and advertising costs
  • Slow down the decline of your customer portfolio
  • Attract new customers without having to “chase them”
  • Create a relationship with your customers
  • Bring price negotiations to a successful conclusion
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Create a network of ambassadors

A concierge service with your brand

Simply Move operates your Concierge service for the relocation and installation of your customers using YOUR BRAND NAME.

At this important time in your life, our concierges will accompany your clients through all the steps they need to take : Relocation, Energy, Internet, Home insurance, Construction works…

A customizable offer

  • Customization of the website (url, visuals, branding)
  • Adding or removing product offers
  • Promotion of your concierge service to your network
  • Creation of communication tools
  • Training your staff in customer relations
  • Intervention of our teams within your network

Tailor-made services






Construction works

Useful information

Financial services

Facts and figures

87% of your customers consider that the guidance provided by your Concierge Service will encourage them to contact their agency for a future project.

94% of your customers are ready to recommend your Concierge Service to a friend or relative.

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on activity in France

15 000

B2C clients per month

5 500

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referenced services and suppliers

Customer satisfaction score

4,8 / 5

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