Why a white label ?

Simply Move operates all its solutions under a white label so that it is you and your brand that reap the full benefits of the services provided.

Simply Move wishes to be part of the continuity of your service, as an extension of services, without apparent seams or breaks, so that the customer remains under the same banner.

The role of Simply Move is to continue the story you started with your customer, to sublimate it, to end it beautifully, to leave them with an indelible memory of satisfaction that they will want to share with their loved ones.

A concierge service, how does it work ?

With Simply Move, our concierges organise the relocation and installation for your customers free of charge.

The Simply Move concierge service offers you more than 70 products and services from leading brands: movers, utility rentals, subscriptions to your Energy and Internet contracts, insurance, cleaning, childcare, DIY, construction works, furnishing and equipment offers, practical information, etc.

With our online super-assistant, describe your project and your concierge will propose you the best offers. This way you save time, avoid stress and save money with partners selected for their professionalism and quality !

The Simply Move Concierge Service is the assurance of a single contact person to help you with all your procedures and provide you with tips and tricks to help you relocate with complete peace of mind. From the request for a quote to the subscription, your concierge will organise all the steps you need to take in one go.

What are the benefits of a successful customer relationship strategy?

A concierge service for your brand is a customer relations tool whose effectiveness can hardly be matched. This investment is inversely proportional to its profitability. In addition to its benefits on customer loyalty, the concierge service becomes a source of additional revenue.

There are numerous benefits:

  • Saves acquisition costs
  • Slows down the decline of your customer portfolio
    89% of lost customers are due to poor customer experience
  • Attract new customers without prospecting
  • Create a relationship with your customers that will increase the average purchase basket
  • Retains many service-minded customers
    81% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience
  • The service avoids a price-centric approach
  • Differentiates you from the competition

The importance of the customer experience

It is the customer’s perception of the interactions experienced with your brand and its ecosystem, as part of their customer journey.

  • Not limited to the product
  • Can make the difference on its own
  • The customer must be at the heart of your concerns
  • Every detail counts
  • Your contribution is always essential

The benefits of a concierge service under your brand name

Positive, complete, memorable, rewarding, omnichannel, concierge services for your brand allow you to do more than just fulfil your initial promise. It extends the experience with your brand because you offer a useful and relevant service.

You are at the heart of a customer’s life experience. You therefore create real emotions and share strong moments with your customer, generating lasting bonds.

How do you set up a concierge service under your brand?

The process is quick and easy. All you have to do is contact the PRO CUSTOMER SERVICE at 02 52 88 02 15 After a quick contract, you provide us with certain graphic elements such as your logo. You then choose the customizable elements (choice of services, display photos, etc.). The initial solution, which is already very complete, is entirely free of charge and you can choose paid approval options, on request. The concierge support service is entirely free of charge for users because the website’s economic model is based on listing fees from selected suppliers. The user only pays for his chosen services (energy contract, relocations, …) and the consultancy service is free of charge.

Our history

During his first career in marketing and real estate, Eric LONGUEPEE was quickly convinced of the importance of customer relations to build loyalty, especially during the phases of life leading to mobility and relocations. In 2010, he created the concept of a real estate concierge service dedicated to relocation and resettlement, which quickly became the leader in France.

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